Nature Quest Colorado Summer 2018


Nature Quest Retreat

Crestone, CO USA

 August 12th - 21st, 2018

Our Nature Quest Retreat is one of our foundational programs for Way of Nature. This program offers you a unique opportunity to explore your intrinsic spiritual connection to all of Nature, and to the ultimate Source of all Being.

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CO-CRES-2014-Ph-ABG-8822 SLS signJourney to one of North America's most powerful and ancient sacred places, Crestone and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  You and your fellow "Questers", a group of three to twelve like-spirited individuals, will come together at the Sacred Land Sanctuary in Crestone. The base camp and solo sites are very easy to access, with a short hike at 8500 feet. Towering above our solo camps are five 14,000-foot summits that watch over you with majestic grace. Lovely groves of large ponderosas, aspen and cottonwood line the mountain streams, with neighboring forests of juniper and pinyon pine. 


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During your Awareness Training and 'AllOne' nature solo, you share the land with mule deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, pronghorn antelope and beautiful black fox squirrels. Bird life abounds and Eagles circle above. A large, beautiful stream flows for more than a mile across our private, protected Sacred Land Sanctuary where we do Nature Quests. The stream flows crystal clear and provides superb, revitalizing drinking water for all of us.


Native peoples trace back their vision quests and sacred ceremonies here for over 15,000 years.  In the late 1970's, WoN founder John P. Milton moved to Crestone and was the initial discoverer of an estimated 2,000 ancient stone meditation seats scattered among the Sacred Land Sanctuary.  These special sites continue to be used for vision questing, ceremony, meditation and prayer. These are the sites you will be using for your AllOne Time solo. Those who journey here feel the powerful joy and opening of Spirit that these cherished surroundings offer. 


When you do Nature Quest, you join those who have entered the Sacred Way on this land over many thousands of years... you become part of that great lineage of the Land!

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“Attune the inner pace of your life with Nature's rhythms through ancient principles and teachings. Imagine yourself alone, deep in a beautiful, pristine wilderness. No distractions, nothing to disturb the tranquility. Alone. All One.”


JPM on land FotorSurrounded by the transporting beauty of your environment, John P. Milton provides 4 days of Awareness Training to prepare you for your AllOne time solo quest, and to help you reintegrate upon your return. The core of these teachings are based on WoN's Twelve Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation, which are essentialized spiritual teachings inspired by many Earth-honoring lineages.

Some of the practices you will learn are: Various Meditation techniques, Shamanic traditions, Qi Gong, wilderness skills, techniques for refining the 9 experiential fields of perception, and the Eleven Directions Ceremony.

These methods from the Awareness Training portion of your Nature Quest retreat will come into play during your wilderness solo, known as AllOne Time.  The depth of integration between inner and outer Nature that can be achieved is solely up to your commitment and openness to the experience.


Many Nature Quest Participants report a greatly enhanced ability to handle stress, a substantial increase in creativity and mental clarity, feelings of deep peace and harmony, sensory refinement, heightened awareness, and a renewed discovery of the basic joy of life. The profound healing that emerges from this experience increases your capacity for focused engagement in day to day activities and healthy processing of life's challenges.

The Way of Nature processs carries you so deeply you touch into your True Nature - Source Awarenesss - allowing for very pure creativity to arise. This creativity often provides profound insights and creative solutions for your life.


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Your safety and well-being is our utmost concern; in fact, participating in a Nature Quest is safer than going camping. A uniquely designed "buddy system" with daily checkpoints allows you, your fellow Questers, and your Guide to verify the safety of everyone involved, while still honoring your solitude. In addition, a base camp is located nearby, and a whistle call brings an adjoining "solo buddy" or Guide into your site within a few minutes.

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While you're in your AllOne Time, electronics and campfires are not permitted.  Also, reading and writing are limited to your notes from Awareness Training and the book Sky Above, Earth Below by John P. Milton. You may eat simple, preferably organic, foods of your preference, and enjoy the comforts of your own tent.  Or you may choose to fast using our Master Cleanse mix which makes fasting very easy, even for beginners.  Simplification during your AllOne Time is essential.  Eliminating the trappings of everyday life assists in unleashing your true essence, allowing the qi energy you gather from Gaia to permeate your body without being drained.


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(Exact days of training and AllOne time are subject to change due to weather and preparedness of participants)

Sunday, August 12th:- Arrival/Travel Day (If possible, please plan on arriving sometime in the afternoon so that you have adequate daylight to settle in and set up your camping gear at Base Camp.  We will also be joining John for dinner in town at 7pm that evening.)

August 13th - 14th: Awareness Training to prepare you for your AllOne time

August 14th - 19th: AllOne Time wilderness solo at chosen site within Sacred Land Sanctuary

August 19th - 20th: Group sharing and Reintegration Training

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Tuesday, August 21st: Departure/Travel Day



Sacred Land Sanctuary • Crestone, CO

Teacher: John P. Milton

Cost of Sacred Passage: $1500 (50% deposit due at time of online registration)

(Price does not include meals or travel)

Required Reading: "Sky Above, Earth Below" by John P. Milton.

Lodging: Participants are encouraged to camp on the Sacred Land Sanctuary grounds during Awareness and Reintegration Training.

*Can't afford the full price right now?  Reserve your spot by paying a 50% deposit online!  Just choose 'Deposit Payment' on the 'Payment Type' drop down menu during checkout.  The remaining amount will be due 30 days prior to the start of the event.

For more information about this Nature Quest program or the registration process, please contact Senior WoN Guide Sandy Skibinski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you have a large group that exceeds our capacity limit (22 people) for this program, please contact us directly to explore the options available to you.  In many cases, we may be able to arrange a custom retreat that meets the requirements needed to accommodate your group. If you are a business owner who would like to learn more about group retreats for your employees, and the benefits that reflect on your business as a result of such a program,  please visit the Organizational and Leadership Development section of this website.

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If you choose to trust, the natural world will bring you profound peace, self-respect and revelation.

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Event Properties

Event Date 08-12-2018 6:00 pm
Event End Date 08-21-2018 12:00 pm
Individual Price $1,500.00
Location Sacred Land Sanctuary, Crestone, CO
$1,500.00 22

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