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Sacred Passage Primary Locations

Baja California's Wild CoastsBaja California's Wild Coasts

Sacred Passage's winter coastal wilderness program is in tropical Baja California del Sur, the southernmost part of the Baja peninsula. Two of the region's most important qualities for Sacred Passage are its spectacularly beautiful coastline and its warm winter temperatures. Sea and coastal bird life abound along the exquisite white sand beaches where Baja's western shores join the open Pacific. Often during this season, whales and dolphins come in close to shore to visit with solo passagers; if you are blessed by such a communion, the experience will last your whole life.

Humidity is low here, allowing you clear views across a vast ocean. To harmonize with what Nature provides us here, our Awareness Training emphasizes the Inner and Outer qualities of space, light and the changing flows of Nature. Enhanced by coastal mountains, amazing rocks, high bluffs overlooking the sea, powerful waves and white sand beaches, one naturally meditates on the spaciousness of this setting and its continually changing displays of light and cloud, waves and wind.

The Awareness Training on this Passage emphasizes methods to help you realize your formless Source Nature. The views of the vast sky and ocean assist you in deepening your actualization of Source Awareness.

Arizona's Chiricahua Mountain Wilderness

Chiricahua Mountain WildernessLocated in Southeast Arizona near the borders of Mexico and New Mexico, the isolated Chiricahua Mountains have played host to Vision Quests for thousands of years, witnessed by red-tailed hawks and golden eagles soaring among peaks at eight and nine thousand foot elevations. Cacti grow with giant pines; lush old growth canyon forests and cool streams contrast with orange cliffs. In this uniquely diverse mix of subtropical and mountain environments, golden eagles, trogons (a close relative of the Quetzal bird), and coatimundis may bless you with their company.

While on your Passage, a soft murmur from the mountain-fed creek gently awakens your hearing. Smells of oak, pine, and earth caress your nostrils and clear morning sun invites you to behold the beginnings of a timeless day. These lovely mountains combine the amazingly rich plant communities of the Rockies from the north, the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts to the west and east, and the subtropical Sierra Madre Mountains to the south. Your Sacred Passage here immerses you in one of our continent's most remote and beautiful wilderness areas.

Like a big hug from an old friend, the Chiricahuas will embrace your senses and renew your natural spirit.

Colorado's Celestian RangesColorado’s Celestial Ranges

Sacred Passages in Southern Colorado are often conducted in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, so named for the deep reddish alpine glow that lights them up with a brilliant reddish-gold hue at sunset. This region is one of the most remote and dramatically beautiful areas in North America. Five peaks rise mightily to over 14,000 feet. Solo sites range from 8,600 to 12,000 feet elevation. Pristine alpine lakes, mountains and meadows are home to abundant wildlife. Herds of elk, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats graze the high country, while pronghorn antelope and mule deer roam the foothills and open valleys. Forests of fragrant, orange-barked ponderosa pine, pinion pine, spruce, fir and aromatic juniper clothe the mountains up to 11,000 feet.Our 210-acre base camp, Gaia Sanctuary, is centered in one of North America's most sacred areas. This land has been used for vision quests, meditation, prayer and spiritual ceremony for millennia. Because of its spiritual uniqueness, the land is particularly suited to in-depth shamanic trainings, longer Awareness Trainings, and Passage solos, and to Sacred Passage's Guide Training intensives.

During our Sacred Passage season, rainbows may guide you to an enduring vision of the interconnectedness of inner and outer nature. This experience of deep communion with all of Nature is a primary focus of your Awareness Training. In an equally important aspect of the Training, you will learn how to accomplish a deeper realization of your Source Essence beyond all names and forms. A distinctive quality of the area where your Passage solo occurs is a spacious view of towering mountains and the vastness of the sky. These spacious qualities are inspirational in cultivating the realization of the immensity and clarity of your inner sky-like awareness.

Utah's Unspoiled Canyon LandsAs the Awareness Training and wilderness solo merge in you, this special ground will be the crucible for your inner transformation

Utah’s Unspoiled Canyon Lands

Beautiful red, white, orange slickrock canyons, waterfalls, extraordinary rock arches and other stone formations create one of our favorite places to enter the sacred way. Experience a land that evokes visions of dinosaurs and pterodactyls, whose shapes are echoed in the formations of the canyons. Explore the mystical qualities and distinctive energies hidden within the magical canyons, pristine waterfalls, exquisite natural arches and windows of this spectacular region.

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