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Workshops and Custom Retreats

A variety of workshops are offered to assist in enriching the experience of the Union of inner and outer Nature. Please check the schedule to see which workshops are currently available.

Some workshop topics might include: exploring a variety of moving, standing, and sitting meditation practices, experiences in inner clarity, tranquility, spaciousness and compassion are deepened. One of the main goals of these teachings is to support the individual in cultivating tools to promote growth into a more profound relationship with Nature, and with one's innermost essence. In addition to the specific practices mentioned above, a variety of ancient sacred shamanic traditions that honor humanity's connectedness with the Earth may also be explored; in particular, a look at the practices of shamanic journeying and the invocation of totem plants, animals and natural forces.

Workshops & Retreats

If you choose to trust, the natural world will bring you profound peace, self-respect and revelations.

You can also host a customized workshop in your area on the topic of your choice from the options presented on the link below. If you would like to sponsor a Way of Nature Fellowship program in your area, a Way of Nature Guide can design and present a program to meet your needs. Contact us to make special arrangements.

Custom Workshops and Retreats Topics

The following workshops are designed to encompass a full weekend, it is also recommended to arrange a Thursday or Friday evening public presentation just prior to the weekend the workshop is scheduled to begin.

In some cases, a shortened version of these programs may be made available for a one-day intensive. Extended programs of anywhere from five- to nine-days are also available, and are highly recommended, especially for workshops dealing with relationships, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong, where all sub-categories can be offered in one comprehensive week.

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