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Sky Above, Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature
A Complete Course on Spiritual Practice in Nature and the path to Integrity, Harmony and Enlightenment with Nature, Soul and Universal Spirit

As a way of sharing the essence of the Sacred Passage/Nature Quest Awareness Trainings, The Way of Nature Productions has developed an extensive series of books, teaching videos, DVDs and audio programs. The success and appeal of John P Milton's 1999 Sacred Passage 9 hour recording series of "Sky Above, Earth Below" was expanded further in 2005 with our publication of the popular three DVD set of John's Qigong practices entitled: "Qigong for Long Life." All four products were produced by Sounds True together with Way of Nature Productions, greatly expanding our offerings to the Way of Nature Community and to the public. Based on the Sky Above, Earth Below Audio Teachings, John wrote and published a comprehensive version of his Awareness Training Teachings in the 2006 book "Sky Above, Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature." For those doing a Sacred Passage or a Nature Quest, we highly recommend bringing both the book, and the sound recordings on an MP3 player, for deepening the Awareness Training and the solo immersion in the wild. We also have two new DVD projects currently in search of sponsors. They both feature the Sacred Passage/Nature Quest Awareness Training's Twelve Principles and the path to liberation through cultivating deep communion of Inner and Outer Nature.

In addition to providing deep support for members of The Way of Nature Fellowship, all these products provide excellent outreach to those unfamiliar with our work. They also establish a valuable historical record of these timely and timeless teachings.

Purchase or read more about John P Milton's "Sky Above, Earth Below" 9 hour Audio Series, his "Sky Above, Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature" book and his "Qigong for Long Life" three DVD Series at

By purchasing directly from The Way of Nature Productions, all proceeds go directly to Threshold Foundation to either: 1) support the production and sharing of audio, video, DVD, film or publications of John's teachings or 2) support the protection of and enlightened relationship with sacred places in Nature.

Audio & Video ResourcesSKY ABOVE, EARTH BELOW: Waiting outside your door is a teacher who embodies every higher quality you are seeking. Who, for millions of years, has served as the spiritual wellspring for all wisdom traditions. This living example of a liberated existence is as close as the wind in your face and the sun on your back.

On Sky Above, Earth Below, you will undertake a sacred passage into the temple of nature, guided by meditation master and vision quest leader John P. Milton. Since the 1940s, this pioneering spiritual teacher has led over 10,000 vision quests into the wilds of Colorado, the Himalayas, Bali, the Arctic, Mexico, and other sacred sites around the world. Now this pathfinder teaches you a way back to the wilderness within you, to discover how it is connected with the vast and sacred mystery of nature. Recorded live in the remote wilderness of Arizona's Chiricahua mountains, Sky Above, Earth Below gathers together dozens of rare meditations and other practices into a six-stage curriculum you can practice and explore anywhere in the natural world. Step by step, Milton teaches you authentic methods for communion in the wild, flowing with the life there, and enjoying every moment without effort. Even if nature now seems unfamiliar to you, here is a way to merge with the perfection in every tree, mountain, lake, and flower.

Where have history's great prophets and seekers made their most tremendous spiritual discoveries? From the revelations of Jesus in the desert, to the Buddha's enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, to Black Elk's vision on the mountain, nature remains unsurpassed in its power to transform our lives. Now you can explore for yourself this primal source for transformation, inspiration, and healing that is all around you with Sky Above, Earth Below. Sky Above Earth Below is also available in book form from our office at


  • Why meditation in nature is unequaled in its power to transform our lives
  • A full-body meditation for the deepest relaxation of your life
  • Spiritual practice in nature: where to begin
  • How nature's healing energy can wash and renew your body
  • The Vision Quest: classic shamanic sacred passage in the wild
  • Blocked internal pathways: how to open them to earth's energy
  • A ten-minute practice to restore your internal balance with the natural world
  • A gift you can give the earth through tonglen meditation
  • The three qualities of relaxation, and how to practice them
  • Why there is more qi (life energy) in nature than anywhere else, and how to access it directly
  • Taoist teachings on the highest realization through nature
  • A perceptual meditation for merging with a sacred site
  • Presence: a natural key to true liberation in this lifetime
  • The best time to accumulate vital energy in nature
  • How your internal organs are connected with the elements of nature
  • How to realize blissful states in nature, and three principles for achieving them
  • The true nature of your mind - and how to cut through to it
  • How a leaf can lead you to a satori experience
  • Sky Meditation: the ultimate wilderness practice
  • Plus many other meditations, teachings, and stories for spiritual communion out of doors.
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