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Summer 2010

We have just made major revisions to our website and look forward to using this section of the site to keep you informed about the current Way of Nature Fellowship happenings and updates. Also, to order our new Way of Nature Clothing, T-Shirt, Sweatshirt and camping items, go to:


Dear Friends of Sacred Passage and The Way of Nature Fellowship:

We are delighted to let you know that our efforts to preserve the 360 acre sacred vision questing ground in Crestone Colorado has made a major breakthrough this year. As many of you know, this special sacred land just north of Crestone is one of the most extraordinary sacred sites in North America. Thanks to all your generous donations to Threshold, our non-profit foundation, we have been able to make our first 35 acre purchase to protect this sacred place. If any of you can continue to help this vital work with time, money or your good prayers, all of Gaia will celebrate your kindness. Not only will you be helping preserve one of our Continent's greatest living natural temples, but you will also be helping create a crucial cultural model for our culture: a model that will help protect such sacred natural places throughout our small, fragile, and incredibly beautiful planet.

Love to all of you, John P. Milton

Some friends of the Fellowship have been designating our foundation, Threshold Inc., Sacred Land Trust, as their United Way benefactor. This is a wonderful option for those friends who work for companies participating in United Way. You can ask your United Way director how to write in your selection and be sure to give United Way the address for the Foundation: Sacred Land Trust, Threshold, Inc. P.O. Box CZ, Bisbee, AZ 85603.

Summer 1999

Dear Special Friends of Sacred Passage,

The following letter is John Milton's recent appeal for financial assistance to establish the Sacred Land Trust. It is an invitation for anyone to help us protect and preserve The Way of Nature Fellowship's key Sacred Passage training center in The beautiful Sangre de Christo mountains of Colorado. We call this area the Sacred Passage Gaia Sanctuary: I want to offer you an opportunity to take an active role in preserving the single most important piece of land used by Sacred Passage and The Way of Nature, in Crestone, Colorado. The majority of our solo sites, as well as most of the region's ancient stone meditation seats, are located on this 35 acres now up for sale.

Over many thousands of years, countless spiritual seekers and shamans have come to this precise area for their sacred ceremonies, prayers, meditaions retreats and vision quests. Sacred Passage is helping continue this ancient process of Awakening here. Also located on this sacred land are: beautiful bluffs overlooking N. Crestone Creek, cliffs, sacred stone alignments, lovely pools, waterfalls, shaded groves of aspen and ponderosa pine, and seven of our most important Sacred Passage solo sites. From the area's bluffs one views a vastness, a spacious clarity very precious in these stressful times. I personally feel this special place is among the most sacred areas I have ever known. This land, although privately owned, has been generously made available to Sacred Passage participants for their Awareness Training and wilderness solos over the past two decades.

Spring 1999

Dearfriendsof theWay of Nature Fellowship and Sacred Passage:

I have been deeply moved by all the wonderful times I've been able to spend with many of you over the past year. This year our fellowship has experienced expanded growth and powerful transformation. Attendance at many of our programs, particularly the special teachings, has grown considerably. We've had an accelerated number of people go through the Intermediate Level Advanced Awareness Training. Nature and spirit have blessed us all with deep and powerful communion. Our (Threshold Foundation) Sacred Land Trust's Crestone Project has also progressed significantly.

Last winter I wrote: "My hope is that this first small, but important project of the Sacred Land Trust will create an important model - a model for the protection and right spiritual way of communion with the "Churches of the Earth" that our culture so badly needs in these times of massive ecological human imbalance. In the past, individuals have poured much of our financial and spiritual resources into buildings such as churches and temples. Given the overwhelming ecological crises now facing all the species we share this planet with, the time has now come to put our resources behind the original places of worship and spiritual opening that were created directly by Great Spirit and Nature. Such sacred land, well protected and loved as places to connect with primordial Nature and Spirit, hold a vital key to how we all can come back into harmony with our innermost Being and Gaia.

Your assistance with our fund raising can make a crucial difference in helping heal the Earth and ourselves.

Our fellowship is making considerable progress in preserving the ancient sacred vision-questing grounds north of Crestone, Colorado (called "Gaia Sanctuary" which includes the SunCircle parcel). Through the generosity of many of the members of our fellowship and others, weve been able to raise nearly $50,000.00. Having these funds allows us to begin negotiations for purchase with the members of SunCircle Inc., the current owners. The exact sale price is still being discussed; however, we are currently estimating the purchase price to be $120,000.00.

In addition to the 35 acres of SunCircle we are negotiating to protect in the Sacred Land Trust, two other parcels within the sacred site area have also come on the market. One of these parcels is a series of four, ten acre mining claims adjacent to and just East of the lands we are already negotiating to protect. The other site is a twenty acre parcel adjacent to and due west of lands we are currently securing. The estimated total cost of acquiring these two additional areas is $130,000.00. This amount, together with the balance of $70,000.00 needed for the SunCircle property, brings the estimated total we need to raise in 1999 to $200,000.00.

Over the past twenty years I've had visitors to this sacred site from every continent on Earth, from virtually every state in our country, and from senior elders and shamans from many of this continent s Native American nations. Many of these visitors have come specifically to do Awareness Trainings with me, together with the extraordinary transmissions made possible by the meditation seats our Sacred Land Trust is trying to preserve. Literally thousands of such visitors have passed through these Sacred Lands and been exposed to various levels of Awareness Training and natural transmission from the sacred sites. In almost every case, these friends, visitors and students have emphasized the vital importance of protecting and safe guarding this world-class Sacred Place while there is still time. The cost of land in the Crestone area has been going up recently as more and more members of our culture discover its extraordinary spiritual and natural qualities. Just this past summer of 1998, Newsweek Magazine listed Crestone as one of the seven most desirable places to be in the world " to get away from it all".

Since my arrival in Crestone, over twenty years ago, the town has grown from forty or fifty people to nearly a thousand right now. For many reasons, I feel it is imperative that we protect these Sacred Lands quickly and decisively.

Our culture still has no institutional model for the protection of Sacred Lands. We have done a lot to protect lands for wilderness, biodiversity, science, recreation, water-shed protection and for wildlife - but we have never set aside natural land simply because it is Sacred. I believe with our initial Sacred Land Trust protection of this Sacred Site near Crestone, we take a first definitive step towards committing our culture to protection and nurturance of Nature as the church, as the temple. Once we have succeeded in protecting Crestone sacred sites via the Sacred Land Trust , we will then have a model to inspire the same process in many other sacred sites around our continent and abroad. Hopefully, with time, the Sacred Land Trust can grow to help protect natural Sacred Lands in many places on this small, fragile and incredibly beautiful planet.

May you walk in balance and beauty with each other, Great Spirit and the Earth,

John P. Milton

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