Patagonia Chile Sacred Passage 2019


12 Day Sacred Passage

Patagonia, Chile

November 25th - December 6th, 2019


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 "For those of us that grew up going out into the wilds of the world... we get into our souls a sense of beauty." - Doug Thompkins


This November we are pleased to run our first Patagonia, Chile Sacred Passage! Our Sacred Passage will be held in the heart of Patagonia National Park, the Chacabuco Valley, which contains and protects the highest levels of biodiversity found in Chile’s Aysen region, and is one of the most breathtaking locations in Southern Chile. The park is also an exemplary and inspiring project of conservation globally with years of hard work by Douglas and Kristen Tompkins and others to protect over 640,000 acres of land and to restore vital grasslands from cattle grazing.

condor3 1024x616During the Patagonia Sacred Passage you’ll share the land with herds of guanacos, the endangered huemul, culpeo foxes, armadillos, pumas, and Andean condors—Earth’s largest flying bird—soaring overhead. Patagonia Park’s varied ecosystems and strict protection make it a haven for wildlife. This program offers a unique opportunity to explore your intrinsic spiritual connection to this special place and all of Nature, and to the ultimate Source of Being. 

John P Milton, supported by senior sacred passage guide Jennifer Menke, will be guiding participants through 5 days of awareness training to prepare you for 7 days of solitary “Allone” nature time in the heart of the newly designated national park, and to help you reintegrate upon your return. These practices will enhance and deepen participant’s time in nature and are tools that can be utilized for a lifetime. The core of these teachings are based on WoN's Twelve Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation, which are essentialized spiritual teachings inspired by many Earth-honoring lineages. The practices taught will include and not be limited to the following: 

Various Meditation techniques, Shamanic traditions, Qi Gong, GaiaFlow, wilderness skills, overtoning, techniques for clearing and transmuting emotional and energetic blockages, and the Eleven Directions Ceremony.


Safety and Well Being

thumb parque patagonia 04Your safety and well-being is of our utmost concern. The Patagonia Sacred Passage will have a local expert team, with years of experience guiding in the National Park, working alongside John and Jennifer to ensure your safety. We will have a uniquely designed "buddy system" with daily checkpoints which allows you, your fellow Passagers, and your Guide to verify the safety of everyone involved, while still honoring your solitude. In addition, a base camp is located nearby, and a whistle call brings an adjoining Passager or Guide into your site within a few minutes.

While you're in your AllOne Time, electronics and campfires are not permitted. Also, reading and writing are limited to your notes from Awareness Training and the books "Cultivating Natural Liberation: Teachings on Reconnecting with the 3 Natures" and "Sky Above, Earth Below"  both by John P. Milton. You may eat simple, preferably organic, foods of your preference and enjoy the comforts of your own tent. Simplification during your AllOne Time is essential. Eliminating the trappings of everyday life assists in unleashing your true essence, allowing the qi energy you gather from Gaia to permeate your body without being drained.



(Exact days of training and AllOne time are subject to change due to weather and preparedness of participants)

Monday, November 25th:- Arrival/Travel Day (We’ll all meet at the Lodge at Valle Chacabuco at 6 pm.
Please arrive at the park prior to this to either set up your tent or check into your room at the lodge. We’ll all gather for dinner at the lodge to share our first meal together)

November 26th - 27th: Awareness Training to prepare you for your AllOne time in nature.

November 28th - December 4th: AllOne time within the Patagonia National Park

December 4th - 5th: Group sharing and Reintegration Training

December 6th: Departure/Travel Day 



During the Awareness Reintegration Training portion of the Sacred Passage, participants can choose to either stay at the Lodge at Valle Chacabuco or camp at the West Winds Campground. Please note there is a higher program fee to stay at the lodge, which is outlined in the pricing section. During the Allone time, participants will be camping in solo sites within the Patagonia National Park.

The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco   the lodge at valle chacabuco header

Inspired by iconic national park lodges from around the world, the Lodge at Valle Chacabuco, with its detailed woodwork and original photography of local culture and nature, reflects Patagonia’s distinctive character. The central living and dining room are the ideal setting for resting after a day of travel, hiking, or exploration. Drink Chilean wine at the living room bar and enjoy views of looming Mount Tamanguito to the south through expansive paned windows. Nestle into overstuffed sofas, lounge by the fire, or venture to the patio by night to view an endless spread of stars. Complementing its natural surroundings, the Lodge is built from stone quarried in the Chacabuco Valley. The rustic beams overhead and flooring below were crafted from recycled and refurbished wood, and the building’s lush grounds welcome frequent and personal wildlife encounters. Patagonia Park’s energy system is moving toward a goal of 100 percent renewable energy sources, a model for other parks around the world.

The West Wind Campground

The gently rolling lawns of West Winds are a favorite for local guanaco herds, which spend hot days near the creek or under the shade of tall poplar trees. Located three kilometers from the park headquarters, the campground is car accessible via a gravel road (4x4 vehicle recommended). The campground is also accessible by the La Vega Trail, which connects the campground to the headquarters (about a 30-minute walk). The campground has full bathrooms that include showers, flushing toilets, and sinks. Eight cook shelters offer visitors a protected space to eat and relax, regardless of weather. The campground accommodates up to 60 tents. Although solar hot water is available for much of the year, the system has limited capacity, so we cannot guarantee a hot shower.



Food will be provided by our local culinary team. There will be 3 meals a day prepared and served in the West Wind Campground with snacks provided in-between meals. For those who choose not to fast during the “Allone” nature time, we will provide you with light food to bring to your solo sites. Our first dinner will be at the Lodge at Valle Chacabuco.


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Transportation and Getting to Patagonia National Park

Included in the program fee is transportation from Balmaceda airport, 6 hours north of Valle Chacabuco, Patagonia National Park. Everyone will need to fly into Balmaceda airport before 12 pm on November 25th. We’ll have someone awaiting your arrival and transporting you to the program site.

Not included is your transportation to Balmaceda airport. If you are traveling internationally you’ll need to fly to Santiago International airport and then take a domestic flight from Santiago to Balmaceda. We recommend that you arrive to Santiago by November 24th and take a flight the next morning to Balmaceda. You may also be able to fly into Santiago and take a domestic flight immediately to Balmaceda depending on your arrival time into Santiago.

If you are already in the country and not needing transportation from Balmaceda airport, you’ll need to arrange for your own transportation to the Lodge at Valle Chacabuco, Patagonia National Park. Please let us know if this is your situation and we’ll provide you with the necessary information you’ll need to get there.


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Below is the total cost of the program for camping in the West Wind Campground during the 5 days of Awareness and Reintegration Training.  We have also listed the lodge price for single and double occupancy, which you may prefer to stay in during these 5 days of Awareness Training.  All lodge accommodations will need to be booked directly with The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco.  Included in the price is: 5 nights of camping at the West Wind Campground, 7 days of solitude time in nature, Awareness and Reintegration Training, delicious local food for awareness training and “Allone” time in nature, transportation from Balmaceda airport to The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco and transportation from The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco to Balmaceda airport.

Total Program fee - $4,600

 Additional costs to stay at  The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco:

  • The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco double occupancy - $1,750
  • The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco single occupancy - $1,250

Can't afford the full program fee right now? Reserve your spot by paying a 50% deposit online! Just choose 'Deposit Payment' on the 'Payment Type' drop down menu during checkout. The remaining amount will be due 30 days prior (October 25th) to the start of the event.

View WoN's Cancellation and Return Policy


Required Reading:  

"Cultivating Natural Liberation: Teachings on Reconnecting with the 3 Natures" by John P. Milton Cat

"Sky Above, Earth Below" by John P. Milton.

Please bring copies of both books with you to the Sacred Passage.


For more information about this Sacred Passage program or the registration process, please contact Senior Guide Jennifer Menke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by cell phone (720) 470-3065.



Teacher and Guide

 The teacher for this Costa Rica Sacred Passage will be Way of Nature founder, John P. Milton.  John has been guiding others into Nature for over 30 years and is a true spiritual elder.  Due to his wealth of knowledge and spontaneous nature, his teachings are shaped by a unique fluidity that accommodates each retreat in a way that is most helpful to the individual and group process of liberation at that time.  No two teachings are ever the same. 

Jennifer Menke will be our certified Way of Nature Guide for this Sacred Passage.  She has been studying with John since 2002 and will offer you her committed enthusiasm and support throughout the retreat. Jennifer will also be your contact person for any questions regarding this program. You may contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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"There is important and meaningful work to be done. To change everything, everyone is needed." - Doug Thompkins

Event Properties

Event Date 11-25-2019 6:00 pm
Event End Date 12-06-2019 12:00 pm
Cut off date 11-23-2019
Individual Price $4,600.00

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